“Pimp Your Vocab” Book Teaches British Parents About Teenglish

I learned two things from Pimp Your Vocab by Lucy Tobin, a book that attempts to decipher British kids’ “Teenglish.” Numbero uno: no matter how hard adults try to pin down and define teenage slang, they always end up sounding hopelessly out of touch and weird. I mean, really, peeps felt the need to include “cool beans” in this volume!? Isn’t that from, like, forevs ago? Also, when you define “woop woop” as “noise made to denote happiness,” well, we can’t help but laugh. BTW, British kids have some very, very odd slang. Apparently, in England “blud” means friend and “soz” is sorry. After the jump, check out some other vocab that I’m really glad hasn’t reached the States.

  • Twoc. According to the book, this is sort of like gank or (for you old people) “to steal.” Say it with a British accent and you probably just sound like you have your mouth full.
  • Vamoosh. It means “to go.” Say it while you kick one leg up in the air and you’re almost guaranteed to get punched in the face.
  • Wagwan. This ridiculousness is British Teenglish for “what’s going on?” It seems peeps are trying to pay tribute to their ancestral roots.
  • Skankaroo. Not to be confused with kangaroo or skank, this word means “disgusting.”
  • Nang. Although it sounds like something you do right before you puke, this word actually means “brilliant.”

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