Orlando Pita’s ‘Do For Girls Who Are Growing Out Their Bangs

Over the past week, I’ve seen the top hairstylists from around the world create amazing looks for various designers’ fashion shows. Last night at Doo.Ri, however, I fell in love. Orlando Pita’s “really cool girl walking down the street” hair, as he called it, was beautiful. Lucky for you and me, it’s super easy to replicate.

Pita wanted the models to look as though they had grown tired of their bangs and were in the midst of growing them out. He described the style as “real people hair,” but not all of the models were growing out bangs, so extensions had to be added. “The look is natural and normal, but it takes time,” he told me. I, however, am in the process of growing out my bangs, which means no extensions are required for me!

To start, Pita flat-ironed the bangs and hair, applying Moroccanoil Treatment since the models’ hair was fried from all the styling that’s been done to it during Fashion Week. Then, after pushing the bangs off to the side, Pita pulled the rest of the hair into a low ponytail. Finally, he twisted the hair under and off to the side and pinned it into place.

This casual ‘do reminds me of Sofia Coppola or a chic, young Frenchwomen, someone who has great personal style but doesn’t look overly put-together. I attempted it on myself today, and, since my hair is barely shoulder length, it came out as a faux-bob. When I came in this morning, Amelia even asked if I’d gotten my hair chopped off! But it’s gotten major compliments around the office, and I love having a new way to pull my hair back that’s a little more dressed-up looking than a regular ole ponytail.