Finally, Spam Mail Is Good For Something

How many times a day do you automatically delete emails with subjects like “Get big penis now offer pump for sex only $12.99!” (Or maybe you don’t delete them? We don’t know!) At least there’s one person out there finding a comical use for spam emails that would otherwise be a nuisance—Floyd Hayes, a graphic designer who decided to pimp out the subject lines in sex spam emails on colorful buttons. His line, called SeksiSpam, features pins emblazoned with the hilarious phrases that come to his inbox: “Riding seksi bich”; “Nice graet leegs”; “Working on nipless.”Aside from putting some cheeky color on your messenger bag or lapel, the buttons also do some good in the world — Hayes donates all the proceeds to sexual health charities.The best news is that he puts out new buttons every four weeks. Because if one thing’s for certain, spammers will never quit … and some people will just never have enough maale peeniz enchancers. [$4 for pack of 5, via PSFK]