Dubai Company Creates Cosmetic Line For Muslim Women

There are many reasons why women look for cosmetics without this or that—maybe they’re vegans or maybe they’re very eco-conscious. Another reason? Religion.

For Muslim women, there’s apparently been a gap in the market, due to the lack of non-halal makeup. (Halal refers to the law forbidding, among other things, certain pork and animal products and alcohol.) That said, many Arab women already wear makeup — lots of it. We’re guessing that, perhaps, they’re not all so strict about conforming to Islamic law.So this is where the cosmetics company OnePure has stepped in. The company is either catering to more religious females or trying to corner a niche market of products formulated for the Islamic community. The range of moisturizers, toners, and cleansers are halal-certified — OnePure guarantees that the “Islamic authority (Imam) inspects the production facilities and factories to make sure there are no products or alcohol (including fluids used to clean the equipment) used in the manufacturing process.”

Recently, high-end fashion designers like John Galliano have been reaching out to Muslim women by creating couture abayas. Think religious-branded cosmetics could be the beginning of a booming business as well? [,]