Crave: Crazylibellule And The Poppies Les Garçonnes Perfume (Win It!)

We’re pretty low-maintenance in the perfume department and tend not to bother with spritzing our pressure points before running out the door in the morning. But we like to smell nice, so Crazylibellule and the Poppies’ CrazySticks solid perfume sticks have found a home in our handbags. The sticks, which look like chunky ChapStick tubes, contain light and lovely fragrances that we can rub on whenever the mood strikes us. We’re especially big fans of the new Les Garçonnes collection. Each of the seven scents honors a lovely woman from the ’20s, one of the most glamorous decades ever, in our opinion. It’s too bad these perfumes weren’t around back then; the flappers would have appreciated the convenient, portable scents while painting the town red! [$18,] The seven women the fragrances honor are:

  • Hommage À Gabrielle (Coco Chanel): As if we need to explain who she was.
  • Pompom Gardenia (A Renowned Unknown): The pompom was a popular accessory in the ’20s. This fragrance is meant to represent the insolent and daring everywoman of the time period.
  • Chère Louise (Louise Brooks): American actress with the short, jet-black bob.
  • Rose À Saigon (Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy): Mother of President John F. Kennedy who was well-known for her philanthropic actions.
  • Josephine Jonquille (Josephine Baker): African-American singer and dancer.
  • Tamara Charleston (Tamara de Lempicka): Polish painter of the Art Deco Period.
  • Jeanne Voyage (Jeanne Lanvin): Founder of the oldest Parisian haute couture fashion house.

We’re giving away the seven different scents from Crazylibellule And The Poppies’ Les Garçonnes collection, but you have to work if you want to smell nice. In the comments, write which of the seven women you identify with the most and why by Sept. 24. Then, we’ll pick the best response for each scent and announce the winners!