Couple Robbed While Having Sex In A Dumpster

This is the most ridiculous story I’ve read all week, possibly all year. A Kansas couple was having sex in, where else, a dumpster, when they were robbed at knifepoint, the assailants making off with shoes, jewelry and a wallet. A 59-year-old man did the actually thieving, but he was “egged on” by a 64-year-old male accomplice. So first of all, it’s weird enough that two people were f**king in a goddamn dumpster — the pile of trash bags sitting next to the dumpster wasn’t filthy enough? But it’s even more hilarious that two seniors (well, close enough) decided that they would be the ideal people to rob, because clearly the place where they’ve chosen to f**k demonstrates wealth. Anyway, this story ends happily because the robbers were busted by the po-po and the couples’ belongings were returned. No word on why they didn’t get a room. [NY Daily News]

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