Christine Prody Talks About Her Relationship With O.J. Simpson On “Good Morning America”

Am I the only one who bothered to tune in to watch Christine Prody talk about her relationship with O.J. Simpson on “Good Morning America”? I was intrigued for reasons that I can’t altogether explain. I guess I watched it for the same reason that I watched that show on women who seek out men in prison. What’s the mindset of a woman who seeks out a murderer as a life partner?The interview itself was awkward, stilted, and just plain weird. Apparently, the two former lovebirds met in 1995 when Prody was 19 and skulking around in front of the gates of O.J.’s onetime Brentwood, California residence in hopes of meeting the guy who may or may not have murdered his ex-wife and her maybe lover. Apparently, the former professional football player, who is Prody’s senior by 30 years, hit on her, and the rest is history. Their headline-grabbing relationship, which featured multiple calls to the police, was a rocky one. Prody claims Simpson abused her and pressured her into getting breast implants so she would like more like his deceased ex.

With female ambulance chaser/lawyer Gloria Allred at her side for reasons that were never explained, Prody, a one-time cocktail waitress who bears an uncanny resemblance to Nicole Brown Simpson, seemed, er, out of it, if you know what I mean. Suffice it to say, “clean and sober” was not a phrase that leaped to mind, although Prody claims the substance-abusing ways of her past — featured in one 911 call made by O.J. that “GMA” was happy to replay — are over. Who knows? Chick seems nuts.

Currently, O.J. is in jail on a robbery conviction, for which Prody says she’s thankful. She claims he indicated to her that he had murdered Nicole, that she “had it coming.” Seeing as Prody admits little in terms of details beyond that, it makes you wonder why she did the interview at all. The whole thing reads like some kind of teaser trailer — for what? Allred babbled some crap about how Prody is some kind of role model for abuse survivors. I’d bet Prody’s peddling a book proposal. How … tragic.