Check This Out: DIY Photobooth Pic Site

Everyone loves a nostalgic set of black and white photobooth pics of you and your buds. If you’re like us, you usually acquire these at bars with the old-school machines. While that’s all good and fun, there are two problems: 1.) It’s so addicting you could easily empty your wallet; 2.) Beer time doesn’t always make for the most photogenic moments. That’s why we’re obsessed with this DIY website, La PhotoCabine, which lets you print out your own replicas (you do need a webcam, obvi). The process is pretty intuitive—click the curtain to “enter” the booth, then push the orange button on the right, and pose for four consecutive pics. You can choose to organize them in the classic vertical line, or a foursquare like I did above. Download, print, and voilà! []