Blue Lips At Doo.Ri: Would You Try The Hypothermic Look?

The clothes at the Doo.Ri show last night were mostly gray, accented with a couple blue and peach pieces. The makeup matched, though in a rather unexpected way. Makeup artist Tom Pecheux made the models’ lips blue. Check it out!

While the collection’s designer, Doo-Ri Chung, doesn’t use celebrities or movies as style references, “she has very precise taste, a very individual way of doing fashion,” Pecheux told us. “She’s creating her own woman.” His inspiration for the makeup was “a rocker girl with a lot of attitude who is very self-conscious, very powerful, and very unique.”

Pecheux made the models’ eyebrows gray and angular with Nehru eye shadow and then applied the same to the inside corner of the eyes through the crease. After putting a veil of foundation over their lips to mask the natural pink tones, he combined two blue eye shadows on their lips (Moon’s Reflection and Electric Eel), which gave a metallic baby blue effect.

What do you think of the blue lips? Would you ever try this?