Would You Let Your Teen (Or Pre-Teen!) Wear Avril Lavigne’s Line?

Avril Lavigne has a clothing line called Abbey Dawn. Oh yes, it is true, and she showed it off in all its Hot Top-erif-ic glory at New York Fashion Week. How she managed this, we do not know. Chock-full of “punk rock” plaids, tulle skirts, bad-girl pink prints, and graphic t-shirts, Avril says of the collection: “I’m making sure that I think people in their 20s are going to wear it because it’s going to be a sexy fit, not just, ‘Oh, T-shirts and hoodies.'” Eloquently put, Avril.

As it were, it looks like the pop-punk musician’s fashions aren’t really targeting a 20-something mature audience but rather teens (through its cheap prices and national availability at Kohl’s) and even pre-teens. The second part of the collection showcased fashions for juniors with 12-year-old models strutting down the runway in ripped jeans, school girl skirts, and thigh-high athletic socks. Just say no children! A few more pics after the jump. [Daily Mail]

Good girl gone bad? A kid shows off Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn line for juniors.

“Hey guys, let’s hit the mall to jazz up these outfits with some Hot Topic accessories.”