Why Do Celebrity Pets Get Normal Names While Their Kids Get Ridonculous Ones?

jessica simpson 091609 jpg
It’s a big day for maltipoos in the news. For Heidi Montag‘s 23rd birthday, Spencer got her a nine-week-old maltipoo pup, who they named Dolly after Ms. Parton. In sadder news, Jessica Simpson‘s sweet maltipoo, Daisy, was snatched by a coyote. She’s offering a reward for the return of the five-year-old doggie, but, like, last time we checked, coyotes don’t snatch dogs to keep them as pets. [People]

Dolly? Daisy? This has me thinking — why do celebrities pick such reasonable names for their pets when they choose completely insane ones for their kids? Here’s a look at some of the worst offenders.

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