Quickies: “Dirty Dancing” Lessons For Love And Romance

  • Bloggers Em & Lo are celebrating the life of Patrick Swayze by discussing what they learned about love and romance from “Dirty Dancing.” [Em & Lo]
  • Why was 50 Cent on the “Rachael Ray Show” today? Oh yeah, he’s trying to put his iron in every fire possible. [F-Listed] — These are two of my least favorite celebrities.
  • Creators of the highly anticipated Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando have revealed that the park will include a “Forbidden Journey” ride set in Hogwarts Castle. [Reuters] — Sounds like my own personal hell, but I know Potter fans are jumping for joy.

  • Jennifer Lopez will collaborate with “rapper” Pitbull on her next album. [Guanabee] — I’ve already placed ear plugs in my ears because I’m sure this song will be bumping in the Bronx whether it’s good or not.
  • Place your vote for whom Prince Harry should marry. [Huffington Post] — I say he should marry another redhead, so they can have an army of gingers to rival the British navy.
  • Arianna Huffington has joined forces with “How I Met Your Mother” executive producer Greg Malins to create a new ABC series about three rookie Congressional members trying to make their way in our nation’s capital. [ValleyWag.com] — Sounds like a snooze to me. Can’t I just watch C-SPAN?
  • The top 15 movies with “cougar” characters will school you on how to play the vixen of a young man’s dreams. [TresSugar]