Punk Rock Makeup That Doesn’t Involve Smoky Eyes

Designer Catherine Malandrino’s spring 2010 collection was inspired by four locales: the Sudan, the Sahara, Peru, and Polynesia. The makeup, designed by Tom Pecheux for MAC, reflected these far-flung places. “The look is very ethnic, quite tribal,” Pecheux told us. “There’s a desert flavor, and the makeup is a bit rough. Brushes aren’t allowed. We’re only using fingers.” While the inspiration wasn’t the least bit rock ‘n’ roll, the makeup would be totally fitting for the lead singer of a band.

After creating a nice, clean canvas with a matte finish foundation, Pecheux focused on the eyes. He applied mascara to the lashes and then while the mascara was still wet, he pressed the lashes against the eyelids. We do this accidentally all the time when we’re doing our makeup and blink too hard, but it always looks busted not badass and forces us to start over. Pecheux’s on-purpose version, however, might replace smoky liners and shadows for ladies who wanna say “Wanna fight?” with their eyes.