Meghan McCain Bravely Admits To Wearing A Weave!

Meghan McCain has something very important to admit. She. Wears. Hair Extensions. And she’s not going to hide it anymore! Inspired by Tyra Banks going weave-less on the season premiere of her talk show, the Daily Beast columnist is ready to let her hair down. Way down. McCain admits that she has been a slave to the salon for almost her entire life, “but if Tyra had the courage to go on TV without a weave, I wanted everyone to know this: Not all the hair attached to my head is real.” Like, duh. McCain writes: “For women like Tyra (and myself) to go without a weave on television is almost unthinkable.” Um, no. A privileged white woman admitting to wearing platinum blond Barbie extensions because she feels prettier and appreciates the multitude of hair styles she can achieve with them is not the same as a black woman confronting the very deep cultural issues associated with hair within her community. I wouldn’t find fault with McCain’s column if she had in any way acknowledged this, but, instead, her piece focuses on how badass she was for wearing “a giant Madonna ponytail extension” the night her father accepted his nomination for president — “much to the dismay of some of the campaign advisers.” You go on with your rebel self, girl!

Just like Tyra, McCain’s revelation about her hair (I’m sorry, was anyone actually surprised that she wore hair pieces?) has had a big impact on her female fan base. “My friends and women following me on Twitter seemed to appreciate the fact that I was being real and revealing the extra help I get from extensions. For the men reading this column, it’s kind of like admitting to plastic surgery or getting your chest waxed.” I sure hope Chris Rock scored an interview with her for his movie “Good Hair.”

So what’s the point of this whole confession? Will McCain stop wearing extensions and go au natural from now on? Hardly, bitch! “All the young women that follow me should know that it’s OK to look like your real self and it’s OK to get a little extra help when sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t give you everything you want.” Especially if you have deep pockets and Paris Hilton’s weaveologist on speed dial! [The Daily Beast]