Lady Gaga Hides And Refuses To Perform For The Gays

The pants-less one is making it very hard for us to stay obsessed with her disco heaven. After making the fashion crowd wait around at Hiro for what felt like hours, Lady Gaga finally took the stage at the Marc Jacobs after-party late into the night and played for 10 minutes. Yes, only 10.

For round two of her Fashion Week appearances the following night, Out magazine not only honored her with a cover of their September issue, but an entire party at The Box. A line around the block greeted revelers, but by 9:30 the doors were closed and inside was a hot, sweaty dance party, filled to the brim with boys in all states of undress and dance moves. Between the Veuve Clicquot and 10 Cane rum drinks, everyone was having a brilliant time, enjoying dance-offs and Fashion Week chats. Slowly, the crowd began to dwindle and the buzz flew from the air as it got later and later. Chants of “Gaga!” started and stopped, to no avail. It goes without saying that it takes a lot for the crowd at The Box to stop dancing. But when a party starts at 8 and the main attraction hasn’t shown her face by 11:30, well, let’s just say that’s when the disco died.

Then, all of a sudden … … the mysterious Lady Gaga appeared from above for a hot second to the crowd below. She had been hiding upstairs with none other than Perez Hilton, who also was pants-less.

Frenzied movements began and the emcee was brought on stage right before midnight to calm restless fans.

The curtain flew back. A collective gasp was audible in the audience. But when it turned out to be a break-dancer, the hearts of Gaga fans were torn and party-goers left without enjoying a single song.

With the unhappy crowd last night and the bad press today, it sounds like her gays are revolting against her, which can only mean the demise of the Gaga is sure to come soon.