Reality Show Shocker: Son Listens To Mom In “More To Love” Finale

Last night, on the fatty reality dating show “More To Love,” biggie bachelor Luke decided he was going to propose to his special #1 lady. But first, “The Fatchelor” (that was actually the show’s working title) had to take his last two options, err, girlfriends, to meet his folks. While his adorable, religious, BBQing, laid-back father’s side of the family looked straight outta the “Beverly Hillbillies,” his mom was an independent, sophisticado à la Diane Keaton. And, of course, the fam disagreed on which was the right woman for their lil’ baby Luke. His daddy, bro, and granny all hearted SoCal blond bombshell Malissa. She seemed like a shoo-in based on their chemistry and all the things they had in common. But his mom just rolled her eyes at Malissa’s Susie-homemaker personality. [Um, and the lame spelling of her name too, I hope. — Editor] On the other hand, mom loved ex-Israeli Navy tough girl turned fashion model, the dark and mysterious Tali. So who won the free diamond ring partner for life? In the most shocking move I’ve ever seen on reality TV (needless to say that is quite a challenge), Luke listened to his mom. Can you believe it?!