Black Is Back For Spring (Not That It Went Anywhere, Really)

We all just dodged a fashion bullet—black is the new black for spring 2010. Deep breath. OK, yeah, you would have worn black whether it was anointed “in” or not. But if you think about it, this declaration is really going to save us all a bundle of cash. Picture any fashionable chick—she wants to look even a little bit with it; so what does she do? She buys a few pieces that are in the color everyone is talking about. But not this year, oh no, she doesn’t have to buy a thing (well, ideally, anyway!) because she’s most likely got 40 percent of her closet devoted to black pants, dresses, tops, you name it. Rejoice! However, not that we’re pushing you into the stores, if you are looking to drop some dough on a black something, here’s what to look for. Basically, since we’re talking about spring, go with floaty, light fabrics — sheer organza, tulle, black lace, chiffon, etc. Looking for inspiration? Check out the runway photos from Rodarte (everything was a black cobweb of leather, yarn, ribbons, lace and cheesecloth—yes, cheesecloth—see the photo above), Vera Wang (black with jewel details), Badgley Mischka (black-and-white tweed sheath dresses, black shantung jumpsuits) and Jill Stuart (black bodysuits paired with minis). [AP]