Ask The Astrosexologist: My Heart Is Pulled In Two Directions!

I’m an Aries who has been in a very fun, comfortable relationship with an Aquarius for two and a half years. We have a lot of fun together and it feels like we balance each other out. The problem is, in May I went back home (halfway across the country) to visit my parents and spent every day for two weeks with an old friend (Libra) with whom I shared an extremely brief but strong attraction before meeting the Aquarius. Because of the distance and other people in our lives — my Aquarius and his Taurus — we moved on. We were friends before and still are, and I can’t even be sure that there are romantic feelings there anymore. However, the two weeks I spent with Mr. Libra were fantastic. Fun, funny, exciting, and when it came time for me to drive home it felt like all my feelings for my beloved Aquarius had evaporated. Months later I am at a complete loss what to do. On one hand, I still love my boyfriend, but I have undeniably strong feelings for Libra! Though I have no interest in beginning a relationship with him, much less a long distance one, how can I continue to date Aquarius when my commitment is only partway? I am terrified of losing my best friend, but I’ve never felt like this, with this much certainty. What can I do? – Divergent Desires

Aries love to dance with danger and anything new, sparkly and unknown are just the things that bring out this side. This doesn’t mean you have to lose Aquarius forever, but this obviously shows that you do need perhaps a time-out or a change-up. Two and a half years is a long time to spend with someone without questioning it — this could be just a bump in the road and just a phase you need to refocus on your priorities. However, this obviously points out there is a lack of passion, spontaneity and excitement with Aquarius and, as a fix sign, they do tend to get in ruts which can bore an Aries like you.

To get it back, means you both need to change up the routines — travel, have adventures, surprise each other, have sex in different places, etc. Do things that bring out new sides of yourselves to keep your bond fresh. The operative word you used in your first sentence was “comfortable,” and while old and worn-out PJs are always lovely to slip into after a hectic day, you know (as a fiery ram) that tossing them aside for a leather thong and daring to be dangled over a sexual cliff is way more your speed. No, not everyday, but every so often — and that seems like that is what you need to see, if you want this relationship to last. Otherwise, your tedium will get the better of you and eventually you will want to move on. Act now to curb the resentment later.

Plus, as it goes, Mars, the planet of sex, drive and power, is going into Leo from October 17 until June 2010! That is a majorly long time, way more than usual, for Mars to stick around anywhere. This will mean a long and intense surge of energy in your romance house and in his committed partnership house. Use this to bring back the passion and get yourself out of the comfort zone. If you can’t do it then, then realize that fate might be pointing you two in different directions.

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