Courtney Love Is A Fashion Show Nightmare (Guest)

Ever wonder about the rules of decorum for a fashion show? Wonder no more, because we now have a poster child for what never to do: Courtney Love. Last night at the Narciso Rodriguez show she pretty much annoyed, pissed off and generally revolted every single person sitting within a five-seat radius of her, according to The Cut. (Not to mention, when he eventually heard about her actions, the designer.) Wanna know exactly what Courtney did, and the five things you should never pull when invited to a fashion show? Think of her as that totally irritating person yukking it up on volume level 9.9 at the movies, or the person who starts to loudly snore on your trans-Atlantic flight. Bad. Here’s what she pulled:

  1. She didn’t shut up for the entire show. Seriously, what’s so important that you have to blab about it right then and there? “In addition to providing her boy toy with a running commentary — including a rather loud ‘What’s UP with THAT?’ directed toward a perfectly innocuous dress,” reports The Cut.
  2. She was a fidgety mess. There was shifting in her chair, playing with her earring, messing with her hair, waving her arm, bobbing her head. Then, repeat all that over the course of the entire show. People, just sit still. Yes, you can do it.
  3. She actually started pointing! With her finger—not only at models walking but at other guests! WTF?
  4. She leaned forward so much so that she blocked the view of the woman next to her. Now, Courtney is there, sure, because she may buy a dress or two, but that lady sitting next to her could have been a buyer or editor just trying her best to do her job and to see the clothes! Lean back, lean back all!
  5. Skip the faux-hugging at the show’s end. Court hugged someone we don’t think she even knew. But even if you do recognize the person, hug her outside—don’t stop traffic just because you want to prove to the room you two are, like, verybestfriends.

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