The Hair Product That Just Might Change Your Life

There are some people in the cutthroat fashion and beauty industry that are just plain scary. In a few harsh circles, the meanest mean girls are adept at out-meaning one another. And then there’s Ted Gibson. The Texas-born, New York-based hairstylist doesn’t let the fact that Angelina Jolie and Renee Zellweger (to name a few) have him on speed dial go to his head. In fact, he’s one of the kindest people I know, goes out of his way to make people feel special, and is just so ridiculously talented to top it all off. I was lucky enough to run into him when he was doing the divine-looking hair at the Vena Cava show last week and, sadly, I glanced in the mirror near his hair station and quickly realized that my hair looked like I had been living out in the wilderness for awhile. (Which I have, sort of, but that’s a different story.) Embarrassing! Anyhoo, instead of admonishing me and making me feel like an even sadder sack, he slipped me a couple of packets of the following hair care miracles. Personally, my hair tends to get kind of frizzed-out and dry (especially around the ends). As these early fall days have been ricocheting between cool and crisp and oppressively humid, it’s been a real piece of work trying to wear anything other than a bun. Enter Ted Gibson’s Treatment Hair Sheets. Each single-use towelette is infused with a super moisturizing but totally not greasy amino-acid protein complex and wild orchid extract, which smells downright heavenly, obvi. You just take the towelette out of the packet and rub it directly over your hair and that’s it. Not only does it impart instant shine, but it’s also a restorative conditioning treatment and, well, it makes your hair look great, dig?

Also, I was able to fix my sad-looking locks in a moving subway car while riding on my way back to the office. (That’s just how, erm, “glamorous” I roll, I guess.) It’s also the perfectly portable solution for traveling farther than to and from the office because you don’t have to bother emptying your product into a TSA-friendly bottle. You can scoop some up here. Has anyone else tried this stuff? Dee. Vine.