I Love This Book About Style

Everyone went gaga over the release of The Sartorialist’s book when it hit shelves last month, but how did the people featured in blogs and books like Scott Schuman’s become so stylish in the first place? Out today, Amanda Brooks’ book I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style breaks down the elements of style so you can develop your own.In the more than 200 photo-filled pages of I Love Your Style, Brooks considers “definable” styles (classic, bohemian, and minimal) and “indefinable” styles (high fashion, street, and eclectic). Both historic and contemporary pictures of Mia Farrow, Kate Moss, Ann-Margret, Diana Ross, Joan Baez, Jodie Foster, and others provide evidence of the extremes within each category; classic doesn’t have to mean boring, eclectic isn’t necessarily eccentric.

So far, the photos have given us an idea or two for outfits we’re going to try, but we’re almost more excited about the lists of books and films Brooks suggests for further inspiration. No longer spare, our Netflix queue has been replenished with “Contempt” starring Brigitte Bardot, and “Picnic at Hanging Rock,” which inspired a recent Alexander McQueen collection.