How To Keep New Shoes Looking New

There’s truly nothing more obnoxious than wearing new shoes for a week only to find that a few days of running around has taken them from pretty to tired-looking. Fortunately, this particular form of trauma is easily avoidable. After the jump, tips on how to keep your new shoes looking spankin’ fresh a whole lot longer.

  1. If your new flats are thin-soled, take them to your local shoe repair shop and have the heels and toes reinforced with rubber. This will keep them from getting really scuffed right away and then wearing through. It should run you $20 to $30 but the shoes will last months longer if you do it right away.
  2. For heels, always have the front portion under the toe box reinforced with a thin plastic sole. This protects the toe and the sole of the shoe without being visible while you’re wearing them. Should cost about $15.
  3. When you start to hear a metallic clinking sound, have your heel caps replaced right away or your stilettos will start getting nasty rather fast. Waiting too long to replace heel caps will mean the heels themselves get worn down and icky. Good news is this shouldn’t cost more than $8 ever and can be done in about ten minutes.
  4. For boots you’ll be wearing in bad weather, have those babies weather-treated to keep the salt stains and warping to a minimum. We like Motorex Protex Textile and Leather Waterproofing Spray which you can get at lots of shoe stores and online here.