How To Get Slicked-Back, Chic Hair On Days You Don’t Want To Shower

For Jeremy Laing’s edgy, minimalist collection, ION Studio co-founder and Davines lead stylist Marco Santino decided the “best justice to the clothes is hair put back, nothing romantic,” he told us. Laing opted for a slicked-back ‘do that made it look as though the models were letting a hair mask soak into their manes. He applied Creative Moulding Foam and Defining Gloss in bulk and combed the hair back to create what I like to call a ponytail-less bun. Santino gathered the hair into a ponytail but didn’t secure it with a hairband. Then, with the help of a friend, Santino rolled the hair under and pinned it into place. While this exact look might be a bit much for everyday — I don’t want my strands to look that conditioned — I plan on trying a slightly less runway-ready version …
Since I don’t have multiple stylists at home to coax my hair into a style without hairbands, I’m going to slick mine with a little product and cheat by using a rubber band to hold the pony.

Then, I’ll hide the hairband with a strand wrapped around the base of the ponytail, and, finally, roll my hair under the ponytail and pin it into place.

On days I don’t feel like washing my hair, this will be perfect; I’ll just pile on the products, comb back my hair, and look chic while keeping my lack of shampooing a secret.