British Socialite Teaches Us How NOT To Behave On A Plane

Want to know what not to do when you fly the friendly skies? Just ask British socialite Clare Irby, a descendant of the Guinness family, and random dude Daniel Melia, who may go down in history as the worst passengers ever. They tore s**t up on an 11-hour flight from India to London—they were so punk-rock that the cops were waiting to arrest them on the tarmac. The two got it on while Clare’s two-year-old son cried and Daniel’s girlfriend slept nearby. When the GF woke up, she and Daniel got in a fight and he threw his iPod headphones at her. Meanwhile, Clare woke sleeping passengers, demanding wine and accusing the in-flight staff of stealing her bag filled with diamonds. The ruckus continues, after the jump. So then, Clare and Daniel proceeded to share three bottles of vino. When the stewardesses tried to slow them down, they flipped them off and called them bitches. When the captain finally stepped in and cut them off (I bet he wished he could put a parachute on them and throw them out, as well) they said, “You can’t say ‘no’ to us!” By that point, Clare wanted to change into comfy leggings. She didn’t bother to leave her seat though; she just pulled up her yellow skirt to reveal her black thong panties. And since she was too drunk to change her son’s diaper, she took it off, threw it on an empty seat, and let her son run around the cabin naked. Warning: please do not try this on your next flight. What ever happened to joining the mildly trashy but non-disruptive mile-high club? [Daily Mail]