Bromance Is Kicking Romance’s Butt In Posts On Craigslist

Over the weekend Amelia and I watched “I Love You, Man.” How friggin’ cute are Jason Segel and Paul Rudd in that movie?! Our girl boners salute you boys! But it seems chicks aren’t the only ones who melted at their adorable bromance. My gay BFF has been complaining that his Craigslist cruising has become more tedious thanks to the glut of straight dudes posting to find their very own platonic man relationships. Guys across America have been looking for another kind of playmate on the internet, like online dating minus the sexy. Could it be the go-to slut finder website is attracting more guys looking for pals than pu**y? Heck, it’s become so popular, there’s even an e-card about finding man love! Dang, dudes can be so sweet sometimes. After the jump, what some of the men are looking for…

A 32-year-old married guy in Seattle got suckered by the movie, just like us:

“Watched ‘I Love You, Man’ recently and it was pretty painful, but it also hit a bit too close to home….I’ve lost touch with most of my old high school friends, don’t have much in common with them anymore….I tend to have more female friends than men, mostly because I find most male relationships incredibly boring and superficial. Sure, I can talk sports and politics and all that, but I don’t feel compelled to pretend I’m some macho asshole without emotion not linked to inflated levels of testosterone….so here I am, trolling craigslist for chums.”

How cute. Craiglist is for softies!

A 23-year-old dude in Denver reassures his potential partner in crime:

“Yes, a BROmance, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting in strictly platonic….Anyway, that’s not the point….I’m looking for some mew friends who are in the same things as I am and would want to chill…So if you think you could be my next sidekick, or entourage, email me!”

Whoa, entourage? Look out bros, this guy is greedy! JK. When it comes to friends, the more the merrier.

A 25-year-old New Yorker wooed by Paul Rudd writes,

“Ideally, I’m looking for someone around my age who si similarly confident, fit, and intelligent. I’d like to find someone who is up for sharing a slice of pizza after a fun night out, getting a bit rowdy while playing video games, taking spontaneous trips out of the city, maybe a workout buddy, but looking for someone genuinely into hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. Anyhow, if you’re interested in grabbing a drink and seeing if a friendship shakes out then write a bit about yourself in your reply.”

Grab drinks, see if it works, just like a real date … aww. Who knew guys boozed up and schmoozed up each other?

Chicago ‘burb, Aurora, Illinois, is known for one famous bromance, “Wayne’s World.” But Josh, here, just moved to town and is hoping to find the Wayne to his Garth. In a post titled “Get On Board The USS Friendship,” he writes:

“I am new to the west and have no friends. I need some. I will probably like you if you: are a dork with hobbies, and passionate about those hobbies, are exciting and fun, love the outdoors- hike/bike/swim, music….I’m very much into bromance and to make things clear, I’m a straight guy looking for PLATONIC relationships.”

Well, perhaps this guy never heard Village People’s song “In The Navy,” but we have to admit his USS naïve approach is endearing.

A 24-year-old North Carolina boy wonders “Anyone Else Looking For Some Bromance?” Aw! His ideal male mate would like to …

See how many beers we can down but still keep in top shape…whatch/play sports, be each others wingman when we’re looking for girls, take some trips now and then, or just chill…whatever….just lookin for a cool friendship, later man”

It’s so cute when bros get all sensitive and then pretend they just don’t care. Uh, I mean, whatever, man.

Forty-four and single, this dude in Detroit is looking for a bromantic movie-inspired brodawg. He posted:

“Having just watched the movie ‘I Love You, Man’ (which was the funniest I’ve seen in a while), I realize I need to meet a guy(s) for some bromance. Looking for love isn’t working for me, so I’d like to find someone who has some similar interests to just hand out with. I enjoy movies, going to the beach, a tiger game, nascar, the casino once in a while, the gym, dancing, working on the house and much more. You should be close in age, looking to just have fun with another guy since dating seems to be a mystery to me right now. You know, a bromance!”

Oh, isn’t dating a mystery to us all? Yet he still believes he will find his man soul mate. Aw.

This 29-year-old kid in Colorado spells it differently but wants the same thing:

“Chill dude here….in Denver and looking to get away from my pad and hand with another dude. Kinda bro-mance. Love to chill with you and maybe be like brothers? Or best friends and hang.”

His ad is complete with this I-heart-beer flowchart of the trouble he plans on getting in with his new bro. And, for once, a poster like that seems totes sweet— never thought we’d say that.

Well, here’s hoping all these lonely dudes find what they’re looking for in the personals section!