Can Anti-Aging Creams Actually Make You Age Faster?

When I was a freshman in college, I developed a huge girl crush on a senior who lived in my dorm. I blindly soaked up everything she told me. So, when she said, “The one piece of advice I can give to you is start using eye cream now,” I ran out the next day and purchased an anti-wrinkle potion, and dutifully slathered it on every day. While I didn’t see any difference, it apparently has the potential to speed up aging in young women, reports the Daily Mail. While you may think “rejuvenating” products work to heal skin, many, in fact, purposefully destroy skin cells. The production of these cells slows with age; therefore, an alpha hydroxy mixture which breaks down a layer of skin can help increase the speed of cell renewal in older women. Youthful skin, however, just isn’t as tough, and can react negatively to alpha hydroxy products. In turn, regular use of anti-aging products for the young can then make you more susceptible to sun damage if you’re constantly breaking down natural, protective layers.

Eek! We’re seriously freaking out over here. Does this make you want to chuck your Ponds anti-whatever? Do you even use products like these? Will you use them when you get older? [Daily Mail]