What Do Nazis Have To Do With New York Fashion Week?

New York Fashion Week and Nazis? Strange but true. These groups have unexpected historical ties. Fashion shows were held in Paris until 1943 when the war-ravaged, Nazi-occupied capitale de la mode was ill-equipped to present, to say the least. American fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert brought designers across the ocean to New York City in an event originally dubbed “Press Week.” It helped cement the city as a fashion destination. (Lambert was involved until the end, attending her last shows a month before her October 2003 death.)

In other Fashion Week historical news, did you know the Fashion Week we’ve come to know is only a recent phenomenon? Fifty years after the first exhibitions, Fashion Week finally got a central location — the large tents that take over Bryant Park for 16 days each year. Next year, however, the showcase is slated to move uptown to Lincoln Center. [The Guardian]