Woman Accused Of Sleeping With The Son She Gave Up For Adoption A Decade Earlier

Umm, gross. Aimee Louise Sword, 35, from Michigan, gave her son up for adoption 10 years ago. She allegedly then found him via the internet and began a sexual relationship with the boy, whose name and age were not released. Sword is maintaining her innocence. [UPI.com]

This story reminds me of a memoir a while ago by Kathryn Harrison called The Kiss, in which the author writes about having an incestuous relationship as an adult with her estranged father. I suspect this kind of thing happens more often than many of us realize. Though in the case of Sword, it’s distinctly possible the younger party involved is a child. Either way, in cases like these, there seems to be some sort of need to replace the feeling of abandonment and/or guilt with something else and, for some, like the, um, mentally disturbed, sexual attraction is it. Completely bizarre.