“Racy” Twilight Books Banned From Schools In Australia

Despite the fact that Stephenie Meyer’s books are public service announcements for saving yourself ’til marriage, some elementary and middle schools in Australia are banning the Twilight series books for being too racy. Man, I don’t know what Twilight books these peeps were reading, but the one I read was 544 pages of agonizing blue balls. Though, in a roundabout way, fretful grownups could be doing these kids a favor, as one school librarian told Australia’s Daily Telegraph about the censorship, “We wanted to make sure [the students] realize it’s fictitious and ensure they don’t have a wrong grasp on reality.” Good point. In reality, Bella would’ve ripped the clothes off a hottie like Edward and boned that vampire ass, stat. Sadly, it’s not just Aussies who lose blood to the brain when sexy vampires are afoot. Last year, a California school district briefly banned the Twilight books from 12 middle school libraries when they were deemed “too mature” for kids. Luckily, it later relented. Sheesh, and people wonder why some kids don’t like to read. [Daily Telegraph]