Today’s Lady News: 12-Year-Old Child Bride Dies In Childbirth

  • How sad: a 12-year-old girl who was a child bride in Yemen died of severe bleeding after struggling to give birth for three days. Fawziya Adullah Youssef’s father married her to a 24-year-old farmer when the girl was only 11-years-old. [Daily Mail]
  • At a conference in Vienna, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke out against human trafficking, especially sex slavery, and warned that the global finance crisis will “likely aggravate the problem further.” [AP]
  • Anorexic and bulimic model Kate Dillon confessed that she once purged for 10 days and then received a compliment from an editor at Vogue that she’d never looked better. “I remember thinking, ‘Wow, if this is what it takes to be told I look great, I don’t want to do this anymore,'” Dillon said. After a two-year break from the modeling industry, Dillon returned as a so-called “plus-size” model at a size 12. [Fox News]
  • Women have a “remarriage gap” when it comes to getting hitched again after a divorce: 2001 census data shows about one-third of divorced women over 50 have remarried, compared to almost two-thirds of divorced men over 50. [New York Times]
  • In nine states and the District of Columbia, insurance companies say a domestic violence victim is high risk because of her abuse and, therefore, should be treated as having a “pre-existing condition.” [ via Feministing]—Man, how much more un-compassionate can our health care system get?!
  • Policewomen in Australia have filed a complaint against five fellow policemen, alleging sexual harassment and intimidation. One policewoman said an officer suggested she have a threesome with another officer’s girlfriend, while other officers said they were “demeaned” during their pregnancies and because of being mothers. []—Seriously, the women on “Policewomen Of Broward County” need to fly Down Under and lay the smackdown.
  • A new law unanimously passed in Indonesia said adulterers can be stoned to death and gays can be sent to prison. Cheating couples face a minimum of 100 lashings or a maximum sentence of death for cheating, while homosexuality is also punishable by public lashings and over eight years in prison. [AP]
  • Seven women have been trained as fighter pilots in Pakistan for the first time in the country’s history. Interestingly, some of the female fighter pilots fly while wearing traditional Muslim hajib head scarves. [CNN]