The One Eyeliner Trick You Can’t Live Without

It was eyeliner hysteria last night on the MTV VMAs red carpet—I want to say 98 percent of the starlets that showed up (Cassie, Nicky Hilton, Pink, J.Lo, etc.), had some version of a heavily lined and super defined eye. Tres chic, sure—but only one pretty lady got the look really right: Lauren Conrad. Check her out above—could her eyes be anymore gorgeous, huge and perfect? There’s one big reason why her version of lined eyes really stood out from the pack, and it’s something you don’t need to hire a makeup artist to pull off yourself. Get the trick we all could use—and check out the one VMA attendee that should have heeded our advice…after the jump! Lauren is the perfect lining example: When you are going super heavy and super dark with the liner, you can’t line the entire eye or you’ll make your giant eyes look positively teeny. Check out how LC went heavy, but she didn’t line the inner corners (both on the top and bottom rims). When lining your eyes, keep the majority of liner color on the outer half to three-quarters of your eye. So, stop lining (or go really, really, thin) when you hit just a bit past the center of your rim. Or better yet, as you draw the line from outer to inner corners (either top or bottom) get lighter as you work in, so the line peters out slowly and it isn’t a jarring thick line and stop.

Now, take a look a Leighton Meester—sure, it’s one dramatic look, but it feels messy, totally overpowering and her eyes look like itty bits of nothing. Let this be a lesson to us all—leave the inner corners of your eyes liner free!