The Trick To Lining Your Eye’s Inner Rim

This week actress Michelle Monaghan turned it out for the Vogue event at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC–they were celebrating the opening of their new and improved third designer-packed floor–along with a slew of other celebs including Anna Wintour fave Charlize Theron. Anyways, Michelle really pulled off the inner lower eyelid lining thing—and it ain’t that easy to do. So many people try lining the inner rim of their eyes and hate either the results (teeny-looking eyes) or the process (getting that pencil so freaking close to your eyeball!). But if you’re someone who doesn’t mind getting in there and working it with the eyeliner, check out my eye-widening liner tip, after the jump! (I swear your eye really will look ginorm.)
So. My trick for making you wide-eyed with the inner rim liner? Don’t use a black or super dark pencil on your inner rim; use a peach or light champagne color. (Skip pink. It’ll make your eyes look vaguely blood-shot and tired!) If you still want the look of black or navy eyeliner on your lower lid, line them as usual, on the outside of your eyes — making it a double dose of eyeliner!