Five Tips To Take Off Five Pounds In Five Minutes

Last week my friend told me she was skipping her husband’s annual office picnic this year. She said she’d gained at least 5–10 pounds since the last time she saw his co-workers, and couldn’t handle their judging eyes. She also said she would never want to “embarrass” her husband. WHAT? I couldn’t believe my ears. Here is a smart, beautiful, fun woman who is missing a party because of a little weight gain?I can’t honestly say I don’t understand. I used to feel the exact same way. I had been on the dieting wheel of frustration for so long, losing and gaining the same 30–40–50 pounds, it was exhausting. And the parties were the worst. I loved going when my weight was “down” and dreaded them when my weight was “up.” It wasn’t until I realized I’m more than a silly number on the scale that I started to truly love myself and take care of myself. Read more