Female Twins In An All-Girl Gang Acquitted Because No One Could Tell Who Did What

Australians Courtney and Amelia Prentice—19-year-old twins who look like bad-ass versions of Lauren Conrad—used to be part of an all-girl gang that spent a lot of time getting drunk and roaming the streets looking for fights. Last year, the group encountered two chicks on the beach and beat the crap out of them, knocking them to the ground, punching them, and yelling “Stab them! Stab them!” repeatedly before taking all their money. When the police rolled up at the twins’ house to arrest them, one of the girls punched an officer, so the whole arrest had to go down at gunpoint. Still, this week in court, the girls were sentenced to 18 months of probation instead of jail time. Why couldn’t the judge stick them with a worse punishment? Because the twins looks so darn much alike, no one could tell “who did what” during the fight. Ditto for the punching of the police officer.The twins say that the whole ordeal has really shaken them up and that now they’ve done a 180. They’re going to college and spending a lot of time caring for their ailing mother. But some people in the community are skeptical. Aussie residents of their beachy town are seeing more and more random acts of violence in public places. I expect this kind of thing from drunk dudes but, really, a gang of girly brawlers!? Have some class. [News AU]