Inside The National Cougar Convention

When Courteney Cox is banking her post-“Friends” career on a show titled “Cougar Town,” you know the trend of older women dating younger men has reached its tipping point. The term cougar isn’t just a punchline anymore. And why should it be? As Demi Moore might say, “what’s wrong with women asserting their sexual needs and romantic desires with younger partners?”If cougars are here to stay, where better to gain insight into their mating habits than the National Single Cougars Convention? The gathering, held in Palo Alto, California, brought together over 250 cougars and “cubs” (younger, presumably nubile men). While the good folks from the Society of Professional Singles have been holding local cougar parties for several years, the cougar convention was the first to take the event national (and even international; cougars flew in from as far away as the UK to attend). Read more

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