Charlotte Ronson Proves Just How Skinny Models Really Are

charlotte ronson m jpg
We love, love love seeing Annabelle Dexter-Jones — Charlotte’s lil’ (step) sis — walk in Ronson’s runway shows. And she’s fairly tall and quite thin so she fits in with all those Amazonian goddesses (or starving teenagers, depending on your perspective) just fine. In fact, it’s so very refreshing that this season we noticed how cuckoo bananas it is that, despite her petite frame and not being a total shrimp, she still looks like a healthier, more normal version of the models she was surrounded by. That’s just how mind-bendingly skinny these girls are. We know that Charlotte doesn’t have enough siblings and half-siblings to supply an entire runway show, but how much cooler would it be if she just started using “real” girls instead of models. It might even help sell more clothes.

And moving on to the threads, they were very, well, Charlotte Ronson-y. Hip, fun, girly yet edgy, you know the shtick. But there was definitely some kind of rock ‘n’ roll geisha meets fitness instructor situation going on that was slightly confusing, but whatever. One thing’s fo sho: Those shoulder pads we’re seeing everywhere for fall? Well if Ronson has any say in the matter, she’d like to see girls rockin’ the glam-rocked quarterback look well into next spring. (I, personally, am OK with that, but I know a lot of people will beg to differ — and that’s OK, too.) Her signature jumpsuits are here to stay. Besides the ’80s workout video headbands and leather obi belts, the see-through knee-length leggings were, well, they were certainly something. I’d pop ‘em under a skirt; why not? After the jump, more looks from the show.

Oh. And one more question to no one in particular: What was Erin Wasson doing there when she should have been crazed prepping for her show (a few hours after Charlotte’s. Note to celebs/models-turned designers: At least try to look like you’re actually working!

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