When Does Bedhead Hair Just Turn Into Messy?

What do you think, is Blake Lively rocking a sexy bedhead look or has it veered into messy, frizzball hair territory? Have to say, her put-together look and makeup make me think it’s just bedhead-y—but she comes very close. What do you think? After the jump, a bunch of questions to ask yourself before leaving the house with a “bedhead” look.

  • Does your hair have frizzy body (as opposed to the body you get from a blow-dry)?
  • Is the hair at the nape of your neck (your “underhair”) limp and stringy?
  • Is there any grease at the crown of your head?
  • Would your hair look cleaner/better/cooler in a sleek bun?
  • Is your hair very full at the bottom and nearly shellacked to your head at the scalp?
  • Are you wearing slouchy, super-casual clothes?

    If the answer to anymore than two questions is “yes,” it’s time to jump in the shower. Sorry!