Speech Debelle & 4 Other Foreign Female Singers On Our Radar

Remember how I couldn’t shut up about fine rhymin’ Speech Debelle? Well, the Lauryn Hill of England, as I dubbed her, has just been awarded the Mercury Prize, basically THE music prize in the U.K. So, basically, Speech is the shiznit, officially. But lucky for us, she’s not the only lady shakin’ up the international music industry. Here are some other foreign female crooners you should check out.

Bat For Lashes: AKA Natasha Khan, from Birmingham, makes breathless electronic awesomeness that also earned her a Mercury nom. Her latest record, “Two Suns,” which she describes as a sound mix between the desert and the city, gives chick singer/songwriters a good name.

Lykke Li: This blonde dances to the beat of her own tap-tastic drummer. Her debut record, Youth Novels, turned us into teenyboppers. Lykke Li is like the “Sweet Valley High” of beats— it’s got that girlie pop but with issues.

Anna Ternheim: 
A Swedish import who is trying to cross over with sweet orchestrations and seductive remorse. 
That’s love, no matter where you’re from, right? Check out this track off her new record, Leaving on Mayday.

La Roux: The redheaded androgyne sings so high you know she’s a woman but could still give Patrick Wolf a run for his glitter ‘n’ glam rock money. Heck, she gave Speech a run for her Mercury Prize!