Ports 1961 Is Pure Spring Fashion Heaven

ports m jpg
If you love beautiful dresses and clothes that make you look like a goddess–and we think you do–you’ll be a big fan of Ports 1961 come spring. Designer Tia Cibani was clearly inspired by Japanese textiles and paintings, which translated into softly flowing silks draped in kimono-like structures and a poetic oyster, shell pink and pearl palette. OK, enough with the fancy talk. Basically, the clothes were gorgeous. Sometimes the Asian-influence crossed the line–chopsticks stuck into an obi? Really?–but for the most part, we could really appreciate the cool way that Cibani combined Grace Kelly-esque sheath dresses with draped backs and we were totally feeling the idea of see-through belts cinching jackets. And yes, there was a pair of metallic silver high-waisted, pleated trousers that will no doubt be tricky to pull off but worth the risk.

On a totally random side note, sitting across from me in the fourth row was none other than Drew Barrymore! Or so I thought. I pointed her out to the guy next to me and he was like, “Oh that’s totally Drew,” which was shocking because celebs always sit in the front row. “She’s avoiding the press and going incognito,” I said wisely. After the show was over I got much closer and realized that it was not Drew Barrymore at all and didn’t even really look much like her at all. That’s life in the nosebleed section kids! Click through for pretty pics from the show.

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