Erin Andrews Tells Oprah About Her Peeping Tom Nightmare

When ESPN reporter Erin Andrews learned in July some perverted peeping Tom had videotaped her naked through a peephole in her hotel room, she did what any of us would do: she called her parents screaming. Andrews told Oprah Winfrey about her ordeal on this afternoon’s show:
“Having to call my parents and they—they thought I was physically injured how bad I was screaming…I kept screaming [to my father], ‘I’m done. My career is over. I’m done. Get it off. Get it off the Internet. Get it off.'”

This whole story is sad and disgusting and I really admire Andrews for holding her head high through this ordeal. Several male friends have told me they wanted the videos because they wanted (I paraphrase) “to see what the hoopla was all about.” I cannot understand how they don’t feel like they aren’t victimizing Andrews over and over again when they’ve watched. (Or aired these videos. Yes, I am looking at you, Bill O’Reilly!) If a person chooses to pose naked, I am fine with that. But we know the Erin Andrews videos were not consensual. [NY Post]