Anna Sui For Target/Gossip Girl Is A Mixed (But Mostly Cute) Bag

The day you’ve all been waiting for is imminent: Anna Sui’s “Gossip Girl”-inspired line for Target is available to the public this Sunday. We weaseled our way into a sneak preview this week though, and we’ve got the lowdown on how the collection looks in real life. As is to be expected, there are a handful of hits and a few definite misses.

We loved a bunch of the Blair-esque pieces with their sweet but restrained detailing. While Vanessa’s clothing group was mostly far too ’70s and polyester-y for us and Serena’s was rather cute, even if most of it didn’t look much like Serena’s style at all. (One Serena-inspired dress appeared to have teeth around the neck. We were scared.) Finally, the Jenny stuff ranged from adorable (like the dress at left) to tacky (check out the over-ripped, synthetic leggings after the jump and you’ll know what we’re talking about).

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Clearly, the Soho pop-up shop housing the collection for a few days was pretty intensely decorated and rather awesome. Stuffed peacocks, velvet couches and black baroque mirrors abounded in the cool and eclectic space. In fact, it was so interesting in there that the decor distracted from all but the best of the clothes. The Jenny dress above is one of our favorites for $70. (If you’ve got any sort of a chest though steer clear, because it’s just not going to fit in that thing.)

Less adorable were the handful of silly T-shirts inspired by the show. Dumb slogans (see above …) abounded, made even worse by would-be-cute lacy collars. Avoid at all costs! Other things to avoid include anything demonstratively made of synthetic fabrics or too heavy on the details. Because the line is relatively inexpensive — $20-$100 for most items — very detailed things aren’t going to be particularly well made. So stick with the plethora of pretty, restrained options and you should be good to go.

Happy shopping!