Wife Handcuffs Herself To Her Husband—And Not In A Sexy Way

I’ve had a lapse in judgment or two which have led to embarrassing acts of desperation in front of a man. But nothing I’ve done has even been quite so desperate (or completely nutburgers) as what Helen Sun did to her man: The 38-year-old woman allegedly slipped a Mickey in her husband’s Gatorade and then handcuffed herself to him! As her husband, Robert Drawbaugh, slept from being roofied, Sun allegedly changed the locks on their bedroom door so it locked from the outside and then she handcuffed herself to her hubby with shackles she purchased online. (That’s not what you’re supposed to use them for, babe.) According to the police report, when Drawbaugh woke up and saw the handcuffs, his wife of eight years told him, “You slept all day today—now this is what we are going to do for the next day.” Police also said they discovered bite marks on Drawbaugh’s body from where Sun bit him when he tried to escape.

Drawbaugh has since moved to California and Sun is believed to be in California, too, although she is due in court in Connecticut on Oct. 26 for her many, many assault and unlawful restraint charges. Gosh, this is one of the worst domestic violence stories I’ve ever heard. Throw this woman in jail, seriously. [Connecticut Post]