What Kind Of Makeup To Wear If You’re Going To Get Laid

Yesterday eve we went backstage at Agent Provocateur’s show–our favorite purveyors of classy yet kinky underthings and beyond–to see how the hair and makeup team were going to be able to make a strong statement against all that studded leather and French lace dusted with Swarovski crystals. The answer? They stayed true to the sex appeal that’s inherent in the label. MAC makeup artist Chantel Miller looked to recreate the kind of sultriness, with an expensive edge, you’d find in a ’70s-era Playboy (which is certainly my personal favorite decade for the mag, but no one’s asking, so …). Anyhoo. “Before I spoke to anyone regarding the makeup for the show, the word ‘sex’ came to mind,” Miller told us. Naturally. Pasquale (it’s just “Pasquale,” thanks), one of our favorite hairstylists, was there dousing girls’ hair in Davines hairspray and he totally concurred. We love the makeup Miller used: Hefty doses of Golden Lemon and Golden Olive Pigment (the turquoise effect was from the light) and a blend of Cherry liner, Crimson Lipmix and Burgundy Lipmix on the models’ kissers. But while we had her attention, our minds turned to more carnal — and realistic matters — so we also begged her to tell us what kind of makeup to wear when we’re pretty sure we’re gonna get laid and don’t want to look too shameful on the walk home. Her professional opinion, after the jump!“It’s all about the waterproof makeup,” she said without hesitation. “Anything from the MAC Pro Longwear line would work well, and for seriously hot lips I would recommend Ruby Red lipstick.” Just don’t forget to have an equally serious makeup remover on hand. While long-lasting, waterproof products are just what the girl who stays up playing doctor ordered. They really do last. Miller recommends an oil-based formula like Gently Off to really do the trick.

Also and while we’re here, check out these photos from backstage and try to excuse what a terrible photographer I am. (But you get the idea right? Note how many people it takes to prep one model for a 30-second stroll down the catwalk.) There is a lesson to be learned here as well: While Miller would be the first one to acknowledge that runway shows are all about creating a fantasy, she says in real life less-is-more is probs the way to go. For example, if you love your lips play them up. If you’re proud of your pretty eyes, wine ‘em and line em’. “But if you’re one of those girls that just likes to push it and do the whole face and rock the makeup, go for it!” she says. Simcha, that one’s for you babe.