Tough Girl Makeup At Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung showed his first collection in February (before that he was design director at Bill Blass), but his name is on everyone’s tongue this season. Not only was he quoted in today’s New York Times article about getting into the fashion biz, but Rachel Zoe tweeted last night that she was wearing one of his designs. We got to peek backstage as the models were getting prepped for the show, where it was all about bringing out the inner bitch.

Smoky eyes are the sign of a badass woman, and makeup artist Stevie Huynh created a “punk-era eye” with a hard, angled, outside edge because he wanted the models to look “really strong and bitchy.”

Huynh took us aside and taught us that smoky eyes can be created with more than black and gray. After making a sharp edge with a kohl eye pencil, he blended it in with black and MAC Contrast purplish-blue eye shadow (check out the drawing to see where to put the hints of blue on your own eyes) so the makeup looks more three-dimensional and less “stamped on,” as he put it.

The thick, smoky eyes, along with the slicked-back style hairdresser Jimmy Paul created, made the models look super aggressive. But Gurung’s collection, which included several one-shoulder dresses, some covered in bows, softened them up a bit. Tough makeup + pretty dresses makes for a nice combo. Remember that.