Casey Wilson Let Herself Go, So “SNL” Let Her Go

John Belushi, Horatio Sanz, Chris Farley … the funny fat guy has always been a successful stock character on “Saturday Night Live.” But is there a chick over a size six in the cast? Well, there used to be. More than a handful of hotness, Casey Wilson, was just fired after two seasons.

Some critics argue it was because she failed to create a memorable, one-of-a-kind persona, but then how do you explain Tim Meadows being given almost a decade to come up with “The Ladies Man”? There’s a bigger answer here and E! News went all Nancy Drew to find out why Casey got the pink slip. What they uncovered is pretty hard to swallow. According to a “show insider,” the real reason totally normal-sized Wilson got the axe is a weighty issue. Supposedly, the producers insisted she was a fatty and needed to lose 30 pounds over the summer break or else. Needless to say, Casey was only interested in losing one thing— the haters.

Casey is obvs a total babe. And really, how could she even lose 30 pounds — from where? If this is what fat looks like, then we should all be going for that healthy kinda look. Ugh! It’s no wonder eating disorders are so commonplace in the face of this kind of job discrimination.

Well, at least Casey has a sense of humor about the crazy criticism. She made a hilarious Funny Or Die video about internet comments that touched on her “body issues” and laughed it off. Then she returned to “SNL” from the hiatus, and she hasn’t budged an inch since. So the producers booted her from the lineup to make room for two new — talented, sure — skinnier women, Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad. Sexist, no?

While Casey hasn’t publicly weighed in on getting let go, clearly “SNL” has some explainin’ to do. Meanwhile, Casey, if you wanna hug it out, you just give us Frisky gals a call!