Runway Report: Jenni Kayne Very Sparkly But Kind of Boring

Designer Jenni Kayne managed a miraculous feat at her Spring 2010 presentation last night. She somehow managed to present a collection that was simultaneously covered in sequins and boring as hell. For those of you intimately familiar with the exciting powers of silver sequinage, this will be a perplexing concept. So we will further explain: It’s not so much that the outfits weren’t cute or fun. They were. A kicky sequined mini-dress would be awfully fun with opaque tights and black booties for a night out and a leather high-waisted pencil skirt is never a problem. Unless, of course, it’s exactly like the one that Temperley put out last fall and the sequined dress was a little too reminiscent of YSL two years ago. Sadly, the déjà vu-induced boredom was overpowering and the “I’d rather be dead than here” expressions on the models’ faces weren’t terribly helpful either. But if you’re looking for a leather high-waisted bikini, then this is the collection for you.

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