Quickies: The Michael Jackson Glove For Common Folk & Go Back To School Britney-Style

  • The woman who made Michael Jackson’s sequin gloves is starting a line for non-celebrities. [Racked] — As if there aren’t enough people running around looking like Michael these days.
  • A black Tibetan Mastiff, who answers to the name “Yangtze River Number Two,” now holds the record for the most expensive dog. A woman paid $528,000 for him. [Fox News] — I won’t even go into a rant about starving people in the world, but you can feel free to!
  • Who wore the top ten fiercest bobs? Why, ten famous ladies that’s who. [Refinery 29]

  • Britney Spears is selling a handful of back-to-school items on her website. [Fox 411] — Does she even know what’s appropriate at school?
  • Cigarette smoke in your carpet could harm your crawling baby. [Daily Mail] — Now we have to worry about third-hand smoke, too. Maybe it’s time to finally ban cigarettes.