Gwyneth GOOPS On YouTube & Someone Follows Every Piece Of Her Advice

What’s this I see? Gwyneth Paltrow is taking GOOP in 3-D to a YouTube channel. Check out the video above of her making bibimbop. It’s kind of the most boring cooking show ever, no? So far, there are only two vids on the channel, but I’m sure Gwyns will post many more soon. Maybe she’ll videotape how to do a proper colonic?

Speaking of Gwyneth, we are way amused by Daily Beast writer Rebecca Dana, who studiously followed the way of the GOOP for three weeks and lived to tell the tale. She started off by reading Crime and Punishment because Gwyneth said of it, “I think there was something about the complexity of the protagonist’s psychology that made me feel like I wasn’t the most misunderstood person in the world.” Next, Rebecca went to three different grocery stores to find all the types of spelt needed to make Gwyneth’s sugar-free banana nut muffins. She also spent a lot of time policing her thoughts for negativity. Things were going alright for Rebecca, until she started Gwyneth’s famed GOOP cleanse. Rebecca says, “On the third day of the detox, about when the hallucinations started, I began imagining Gwyneth in the Julie Andrews role from ‘The Sound of Music,’ delivering her guidance in song: “Make! A pie! A pumpkin pie! Go! To Paris, London, Spain! Get! A trench! A Burberry trench!”

But even though she does a hysterical job of pointing out Gwyneth’s wackiness (“She is so preoccupied with bowel movements …. No telling the potential web audience for POOP), in the end, Rebecca comes to the conclusion that there is something to Gwyneth’s lifestyle. “There’s a lot to scoff at here, but the three weeks I spent following GOOP were pure joy,” she says. “Expensive, inconvenient and totally unsustainable—yes, but also full of unexpected pleasures.”

Maybe we should start shining up our legs? [The Daily Beast]