18 Freaky Facial Hair Faux Pas

bradpitt fuzz 9909 m jpg
Lately, it’s been in fashion for men to grow their face fuzz out. Especially after waxing my way through bikini season, I just don’t get how men are getting away with not even using a razor. Speaking of which, what is the point of gardening my lady flower if you’re just going to let the hair around your mouth grow? Dumbest. Trend. Ever. And now that it’s turning into fall, many a man is going to use the weather as a crutch to cover his sexy face with nappy fur. Or worse yet, he’ll shave half of it off and walk around with a goatee — aka, the way to spot a guy who couldn’t get laid in the ’90s. Look, it can even ruin Brad Pitt’s hotness! Brad EFFING Pitt, the Holy Grail of peen. Dudes, let this be a warning to you all. Even a totally smokin’ stud can ruin our girl boner with bad grooming. Don’t let their mane mistakes happen to you! Keep clicking for more facial fur disasters …
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