Who Leaked Those Photos Of A Battered Rihanna To TMZ?

Ever since the photos of a post-Chris-Brown-beatdown, bruised-and-battered Rihanna were leaked and subsequently appeared on TMZ, there’s been an ongoing investigation into who leaked the pics to the celebrity gossip website. The Enterprise Report reveals the Los Angeles Police Department may be preparing to finger the perpetrator. More — and the surprising twist to the story — after the jump.Over the last two weeks, two LAPD officers have been suspended, and internal affairs investigators are searching the officers’ offices and home for clues that may indict them as the individuals who sold the grisly images of Rihanna to the website.

The surprise twist? Both officers are women. And roommates.

If the evidence warrants, the officers could be disciplined by the department or charged with identifying the victim of a domestic violence dispute, which is a crime in California.